Artist Marina Williams proudly presents ARTpool, an innovative approach to the traditional gallery/studio/event space. As well as being a photographer and fashion designer she also is the gallery director and curates monthly ART pARTy openings.

Her creative vision brings together a plethora of art forms to one 1,600 sq foot location in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg and has gained the attention nationally. She works hard to maintain a 100% to the artist space that takes no gallery commission that is accessible to all and supportive of her community.

Additionally, she stocks, maintains and operates a vintage clothing boutique filled with fancy finds for both ladies and gentlemen. Visit for an unforgettable experience of art, vintage, and fun!


ARTpool will partner with the community to form an organic, evolving cooperative of artists that will work together to build a sustainable and a mutually beneficial artistic environment that promotes creativity, originality, and forward thought.

Marina Williams